Budweiser Releases “A Hero’s Welcome: Full Story”

Warning: Don’t watch in a public place unless you like crying like a baby in public.

Thank you, Lt. Nadd.

God Bless the Troops.

God Bless America.





Sarah Shahi to get you moving this Friday. The Cavs are really shitty. Sarah is not. Enjoy.

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Make it rain, girl.


NCS Feature: The State of The Cavs with The Carroll News Editor Zach Mentz

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics, Game 7

Pokey’s NoteZach is a good buddy of mine, not from Cleveland but knows his Cleveland sports. He’s the head honcho at the Carroll News, the John Carroll student-ran newspaper and he tackles what I wrote about earlier this week, and also what is on everyone’s mind: What the fuck is going on with the Cavs? Here’s his take:

As recently as three months ago, there was optimism in the Cleveland air surrounding the Cavaliers, their playoff chances in the 2013-14 season and perhaps even the idea of LeBron James returning home in the summer of 2014.

Fast-forward to present day, and that optimism has been buried by snow, frozen over and completely eradicated. In short, there is no optimism surrounding the Cavs anymore – and for good reason.

Before the season, the Cavs looked like they were on the upswing, ready for a brighter future. Well, at least on paper. After all, All-Star guard Kyrie Irving would be entering his third season, as would forward Tristan Thompson, the No. 4 pick in the 2011 NBA draft. Dion Waiters would be coming off of his rookie campaign with plenty of potential and room to grow.

But a combination of poor decisions in the summer of 2013 ultimately backfired on the Cavs, leaving them as the laughingstock of the NBA.  And that’s putting it nicely.

First off, the decision to draft Anthony Bennett No. 1 overall in the 2013 NBA Draft was arguably the worst draft decision of all time. Seriously. The 20-year-old Bennett is averaging just 2.4 points per game on 25.9 percent shooting. I understand he’s young, but those numbers are beyond horrific. There’s a difference between struggling and just being nowhere near NBA-ready. Take into consideration that the previous four No. 1 picks were Blake Griffin, John Wall, Irving and Anthony Davis, and you truly begin to see just how bad the Bennett pick was.

Secondly, the decision to re-hire Mike Brown was a colossal failure. Brown was fired in 2010 per LeBron’s request, and the Cavs beckoned to that order as they attempted to please LeBron and convince him to stay in Cleveland. Obviously, we all know how that worked out. So after the Cavs fired Byron Scott after the 2012-13 season, a move that makes about as much sense as the Browns firing Rob Chudzinski, the Cavs compounded the issue by re-hiring a coach they fired just three years prior. I defended Brown during his tenure with the Lakers and even when he was originally re-hired, but I’ve lost all faith in him at this point. In sports, you’re judged by your win-loss record, and if we examine Brown’s record without LeBron, you begin to realize he’s just not head coaching material.

As if drafting Bennett and hiring Brown weren’t awful enough decisions already, the Cavs hit the trifecta by signing Andrew “I don’t give a damn” Bynum to a two-year, $24 million contract. There’s probably no player in the NBA I’ve criticized more in the last three years than Bynum. He’s lazy, selfish, immature, doesn’t care about the sport of basketball, doesn’t take his profession seriously, doesn’t care about his teammates and only cares about getting paid – and he proved me right on all of those counts during his time in Cleveland. In other words, Bynum is the textbook definition of an awful teammate. Unfortunately, he also happens to be a massive waste of Hall-of-Fame level talent. So the Cavs took a risk, got burned and dumped his salary to the rebuilding Chicago Bulls in exchange for Luol Deng while attempting to still make a run at the playoffs.

Up until Sunday night, I had about one percent of hope vested in the Cavs’ playoff chances. And then that one percent vanished.

On Sunday, the Cavs led the Suns by 18 points at halftime at home. It was as if the team finally had figured something out.

Then, in typical Cleveland fashion, the Cavs scored just six points in the third quarter while being completely outplayed in the second half and eventually went on to lose the game.

I’d like to say that the Cavs have finally hit rock bottom, but something tells me that they’re not quite there yet. Those pre-season days of playoff aspirations and LeBron’s 2014 homecoming seem like distant memories at this point, leaving the Cavs in purgatory.

Where do they go from here? Between the broken Anthony Bennett project, the demise of Mike Brown and a trio of young players (Irving, Thompson, Waiters) that seem to be on the decline rather than incline, the future is murky, to say the least.

My advice: Grab a flashlight and make sure you have extra batteries, because there’s no light at the end of this Cleveland tunnel.


Check out the rest of Zach’s writing here

The Internet Is Buzzing With Amazing Ads Today And I Can’t Stop Watching Them

You’ve got to be kidding me.

So, apparently this is a Guinness Olympics ad that will be pulled by Midnight tonight because they are not an official sponsor of the Olympics and cannot advertise with Olympic athletes from January 30 to February 26. The onion ninjas are abundant, people, do don’t go watching this in a public place or you’ll have strangers asking to see if you’re okay.

Here’s the Budweiser ones that were released today too:

(h/t Adweek)

Cavs Get Smoked By Pelicans, And Everyone Is Pissed Off



Anyone wanna tell me what the fuck is going on with the Cavs?

This team is spiraling out of control faster than the Browns did after Hoyer went down. Losers of 4 of their last 5, they sit firmly at 4th in the Central and 11th in the East (2.5 back of the 8th place Bobcats…the fucking BOBCATS.)

So, what happens now? Mike Brown said in his presser last night that, “Our competitive spirit is non-existent. Maybe I need to shake things up.” Are you kidding me? You needed to shake things up months ago. Let’s take a look at last night’s stats:

wtfTristan, 5 points on 2-10 shooting. Luol, 6 points on 3-10 shooting. Kyrie had a decent game but shot the ball like shit. CJ, 2 points, only shot the ball twice and only played 12 minutes. Anthony Bennett played 31 fucking minutes, granted he had the game of his career, it still doesn’t mean much when you’re getting absolutely smoked by the Pelicans at home. Who the hell is Henry sims? Why did Jarret Jack play half the game? The coaching decisions are getting reckless and borderline psychopathic, and the fans are starting to get fed up. When you can hear the “Fire Mike Brown” screams from the crowd over McLeod and AC on the broadcast, you know people are starting to get pissed off. What does Dan Gilbert do from here? Grant tried to avenge his less-than-dogshit draft by bringing in Luol, but not much has changed. You’ve added an incredibly talented person to the team which should turn into more wins, but they aren’t, and are actually regressing. That points to one thing, Danny boy, your coach and GM. The players are disinterested and not trying. The owner has not said much about anything going on besides giving away his tickets to home games. Chris Grant might be the most inept GM in the league. This is a problem, the NFL season isn’t even over yet and the Cavs are already irrelevant. This pisses me off because I love this team and thought that they were going to make the playoffs to begin with, now it’s looking like another Draft Lottery night to look forward to and “next year.” They need to make some changes, now, whether it be with the team, coach, or GM. I thought Dan Gilbert was better than this but he’s really trying to prove me wrong.

Anyone getting Indian fever? 


Hump Day



Emmy Rossum. Sup, girl. Went through my entire morning routine and drive to work thinking it was Thursday. This will be (by far) the highlight of my day.

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Have a good one.