Friday: Coming In Hot Edition


Like you heard about — it’s the freakin’ weekend. Abi Ratchford aka my girlfriend

3966154_orig cb0fd40ec6b3e7482599d166b776e5e0 208907_140741442764304_2117697721_n abigail_ratchford_picture_26768_wake_up_with_abigail_ratchford_barstool_sports_philly_D0fX5Tmm.sized Abigail-Ratchford56 bb8affb5275eac029a23609f8e77a7a5 Abigail9 Abigail-Ratchford64 1367969983_stretch Abigail Ratchford1 Pinqii-Model-Abigail-Ratchford-Recipe 544333_134965616675220_404884172_n1 abigail_ratchford_modelspremier_com_abigail_ratchford_album_some_of_my_work_photo_1_of_20_phRjy1v3.sized abigail_ratchford_abigail_tumblr_mlrvkcldgq1qz9pzzo1_1280_jpg_jpeg_image_600_x800_pixels__HoVj2fj2.sized Unknown


Really all the validation I’ll ever need in my entire life.


Untitled 8

Have a good one.


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