Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Season Review


So the Cavs season ended yesterday with a meaningless win against a Brooklyn Nets team who was resting their starters in anticipation of the playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!) beginning in the next few days. To sum up the 33-49 debacle that was the Cavs season this year, here’s a pertinent video:


Anyway, this year was an enormous step in the wrong direction for the franchise and the owner that “promised,” (a la comic sans) that there would be some championships in the near future. The best moves the team made this year was firing Chris Grant and acquiring Spencer Hawes, but besides that it was a complete dud year.

-Luol Deng was a decent pick up considering they got him for nothing (Bynum) but he proved to be disinterested and wasn’t a significant contributor at all.

-Tristan Thompson is growing into a nice double-double-average kind of guy, he’s still a long way away from becoming a dominant 4-man.

-The Dion Waiters project is slowly coming to form. Dion was probably the brightest spot of the Cavs otherwise dreary season. He averaged 15.9, 3, and 2 for the year in 70 games. So, people claim he was hurt for a good chunk of the year but in reality he wasn’t, and needs to have a breakout year next year if the Cavs are planning on enticing any free agents or winning in general.

-Kyrie was Kyrie. I mean, what else can the kid do? He’s a 21 year old blossoming superstar with crazy talent and an expiring contract after next year. If Gilbert had any brains inside that slicked up greasy head of his, he’d offer the max deal and get Kyrie to stay here for a long time. No matter what Brian (fucking) Windhorst says, no superstar, Lebron included, will be coming to Cleveland if Kyrie isn’t here. That’s a fact. Did you guys see how well Kyrie and Lebron played together during the All Star game this year? It was poetic. It was beautiful. That’s a multiple-championship winning combo right there.

-And then we come to Mike Brown. The prodigal son who Dan Gilbert put so much faith in and got such little return on his investment. What a flop this guy is. Trust me, he’s a good guy and all, but for God’s sake this guy cannot be a head coach in the NBA. Plain and simple. His game plan is incredibly predictable and he might be one of the worst on-the-fly coaches when it comes to late-in-game play calling. His out of bounds success rate must have been the worst in the league within one minute in a close game. Absolutely pitiful. Granted, he didn’t have much talent on this team, Kyrie and Dion were both hurt, blah blah blah. Bottom line is, WINS = you keep your job, LOSSES = you lose your job. Sorry Mike, ya fired.

This is shaping up to be one of,  if not THE most important off seasons for the Cavaliers. I think Dan either needs to fire Brown or get George Karl or Jerry Sloan in here to be a VP of Basketball Ops. Look at the Heat/Knicks, both teams who got significantly better when there was a great basketball mind at the helm. The Knicks didn’t make the playoffs this year but ended the season strong with Phil Jackson pulling the reigns. And the Heat, well, are the fucking Heat but Pat Riley orchestrated that whole “Big Three” thing and look at where it’s gotten them. Hopefully Gilbert’s son brings a little more of that luck to the lottery this year and our ping pong balls get pulled close to last. Wiggins would look DAMN GOOD in wine and gold…


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