Happy Valley Restaurant Installing a Statue of Joe Paterno


(Source – A bronze statue of Joe Paterno seated on a bench is planned for installation outside the Tavern Restaurant in November 2015. The statue, designed by sculptor Zenos Frudakis, is in response to Rodney Erickson’s decision to remove Joe Paterno’s statue from Porter Road in July 2012. “There’s been some level of frustration among Penn Staters with what happened with the statue at the stadium,” Ted Sebastianelli, one of the organizers of the project, said. “We wanted to come up with a way to honor Joe for all that he did for the State College community. It wasn’t just the university he impacted — it was the whole town.”)

This is sad that people still are in support of this man. The facts, as proven in court, are that Joe Paterno simply alerted the PSU Athletic Director of the atrocious actions Jerry Sandusky was doing, and that was it. He played dumb even though he was such an outstanding humanitarian and generous benefactor to Happy Valley and Penn State. How dumb do you have to be that to think this guy didn’t put football over the lives of children who were raped on his watch? Fuck Joe Paterno and fuck this idiot restaurant who is asking for MONEY on their Facebook page to build this stupid ass statue. Think I’m heated about this? Check out Boomer and Carton (mostly Carton) absolutely eviscerate a girl who represented the Penn State sports radio department a couple years ago while this was all going on.


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