What To Watch On TV This Weekend



MLB: Indians vs. Rockies (Kluber v. Nicasio), 7:05pm ET, Sports Time Ohio

NBA: Indiana @ Miami (Game 6, Miami Leads 3-2), 8:30pm ET, ESPN

NHL: LA vs. Chicago (Game 6, LA Leads 3-2), 9:00pm ET, NBC Sports Network


MLB: Indians vs. Rockies (Bauer vs. Morales), 3:05pm ET, Sports Time Ohio

NBA: Spurs @ Thunder (Game 6, SA leads 3-2), 8:30ET, TNT

Golf: The Memorial, All day pretty much, Golf Channel/NBC


MLB: Indians vs. Rockies (Tomlin vs. Chacin), 1:05pm ET, Sports Time Ohio

NBA: Heat vs. Pacers (Game 7, If Necessary), ESPN

Golf: Memorial Tournament, Sunday Golf!, NBC/Golf Channel


Have a good weekend.


Swimwear Line Launched To Show “You Don’t Need Two Breasts To Look Sexy” Scares The Ever-Living Shit Out of Me (NSFL?)


(Source – “Who says you need two?” That’s the question a group of breast cancer survivors and supporters are asking after founding “Monokini 2.0,” a social art project centered on swimwear designed for women who have had a mastectomy. “We think that the current focus on a breast-reconstruction after mastectomy as the only way to a full life, is a breast-fixated way of seeing what a woman is,” the group wrote on Facebook. “We want to incite a positive self-image of breast-operated women by showing that you can be whole, beautiful and sexy even with just one breast or with no breasts at all.”)

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(You get the point.)

I might get called a bigot or minsogynst for what I’m about to say, but good lord this shit is atrocious. Sorry, how could you possibly design this shit, get women to agree to take photos in them, and then come out and call them “sexy?” Do we just throw out the meanings of words for the sake of feminism and political correctness? If I saw someone wearing one of these at a beach or a pool, I would definitely pull a Mark Cuban and head towards the other sidewalk. It’s not like you see me walking around in a speedo with my shirt off screaming “LOOK AT ME I’M SEXY BECAUSE I SAID SO” when I know for a fact I’m a 6 foot, god-kn0ws-how-much ball of beer and Chipotle burritos. I get that these women went through mastectomies which are arguably one of the worst things a woman can go through, and I empathize that fact, but showcasing an ugly scar isn’t only gross, but completely misses the point of what feminism is supposed to be about. Women want equality, not to be looked at any differently than men or anyone else. Act it. This shit just freaks people out. I’m not gonna sit here and let people tell me that’s a definition for sexy when I know that 99% of women out there wouldn’t say the same about me. Just because you have a deformity caused by a nasty (let me reiterate, FUCK CANCER) disease, doesn’t mean you can flaunt what would otherwise be a disgusting scar if it were there under any circumstances for the sake of attention and political correctness.

I Now Believe In Witchcraft: Caroline Wozniacki Changed Her Twitter Avatar Today, Rory +6 Through 7 Holes



Untitled 9

Everyone putting Caroline on suicide watch and everything has egg all over their faces as Caroline Wozniacki went wicked witch of the East on all our asses. Changed her Twitter picture to the one above this morning, sent out a selfie from bed in Miami, and Rory is shitting the bed at the Memorial. Has there ever been any real documented Witchcraft? Were those crazies in Salem right? I’m with them now, burn her at the stake NOW before she gets to anyone else. You thought Taylor Swift was a vindictive succubus? Think again. Caroline Wozniacki redefining the crazy game one PGA golfer at a time.

Cue the fucking music!

New Study (Photos Of Old People) Shows Tattoos Don’t Look That Shitty When You Get Older


(Source — With more and more of the general population getting tattooed, there’s always the thought of how body art will look as people age. This question is answered through photographs of senior citizens who’ve partially stripped down and show us how their tattoos are faring in their twilight years. Some of the ink quality is better than others, of course, but a lot of what we see still is recognizable and looks relatively sharp on their aging skin. These images give you an idea of how your own tattoo(s) might mature, especially if you take good care of yourself)

If you ever got a tattoo in your late teens-early 20’s and parents found out about it, chances are they said something along the lines of “it’s gonna look shitty when you get old and your skin sags!” Well, EGG ON YOUR FACE MOM AND DAD! Look at gramps up there in the convenience store probably getting ready to pick up his prescription of Cialis and condoms on his way to steal your girl. Bro would probably kick anyone I know’s ass (including mine) then go get some more ink. Check out a couple more of these old folks baring it all to prove that tat’s don’t look that bad after a little age.

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Would. Wait…yup, definitely would.