Definitely Not Breaking: Asdrubal Cabrera Traded To DC For SS Zach Walters

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That’s some top notch reporting by Hoynsie.

So ends another great era of mediocre baseball from an Indians player. Such high hopes for Asdrubal and such a great year a couple years ago panning out to jack shit in the long run.

Zach Walters is a good AAA prospect who’s hitting .300 this year with a .965 OPS in AAA. He’s played in the bigs before but hasn’t done anything worth noting. He’s an “all over the place kinda guy” who can play anywhere on the field, and he’s only 24 performing well in next-to-top-flight baseball, so we’ll see how they use him.

3:18pm, I wonder if Shapiro and Antonetti even know what’s going on yet?


BREAKING (kinda): Justin Masterson Traded To St. Louis For Minor League OF James Ramsey

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Welp, see ya.

I bet Nasty Masty kicks his own ass all the way down I-70 to the Dirty Lou. He was offered Lucky son of a bitch though, some of my worst (best) nights were in St. Louis. Patrick at Shamrock’s better fire up the Hurricane machine and get the porn bumping on the TVs.

James Ramsey is a mediocre prospect who basically just filled the void for the Tribe in this deal. Kid’s hitting .300 in AA but also has 67 strikeouts this year. Maybe he’ll turn into something but I feel as though he’s just there to be there, and the Tribe did this to alleviate some cap space.




Browns Off Day Today, How Did Johnny Football Spend His Free Night?




Boozing at Two Buck, of course. Two Buck is the SHIT. The whole premise is that the basic things on menu and at the bar are 2 bucks. That’s fucking sweet for a 21 year old kid just looking to go have a beer on a Tuesday night after a stressful couple of days. Look at what he’s drinking too, clearly a Blue Moon. You could replace orange juice with Blue Moon and I really wouldn’t even notice the difference. Kid can’t stop won’t stop, he’s not worried about shit because he’s Johnny Fucking Football and ain’t nobody the boss of him.

PS: Johnny’s girl doesn’t get enough love from us common folk.

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Move over, Savannah James, there’s a new queen in town.


Cavs Sign Andrew Wiggins To Rookie Deal, What Happens Now?


Alright. We signed him. Now is when the real fun starts.

Wiggins won’t be able to be traded for 30 days from today, putting the Kevin Love trade on hold for a month (unless they agree to terms in principle). This was the best move for the Cavs. In the past couple weeks, they have been linked to trading Wiggins and another young talent, along with draft picks, for Kevin Love. I have been adamant in saying I’m all for that, but at the same time, this puts the Cavs in a completely insured position.

Say for instance, they decide to agree to a trade for Kevin Love. In the past few days, the Cavs acquired non-guaranteed contracts which are great trade bait for a team like Minnesota, who would go straight into rebuild mode after Kevin Love is traded. It’s also great for the Cavs, too, because they won’t have to give up much more than Wiggins and Bennett along with one or two of their THREE first round draft picks next year. I’d imagine they keep theirs while dishing off Memphis’ and Miami’s. The reason behind that is Wiggins now counts against the cap at $5.5 million. Bennett is also there, and the combo of the non-guarantees will get the Cavs to Kevin Love’s number of $15 million and change. The Cavs give up two young, talented players who will be formidable in this league, no doubt. In return, though, they get a stretch 4 who can shoot the fuck out of the ball, rebounds like crazy, and has a mean post game. There’s little doubt that team would bring championships to Cleveland. It leaves little flexibility with the cap considering KLove and Lebron would restructure their extensions and be paid much more than max money today. The bench would be filled with veteran minimums and exceptions, but the starting 5 might be one of the best to ever step on the court. Kyrie at the point, Dion at the 2, Lebron, Kevin Love, and Andy rounding out the front court. Not bad.

The flip side to that scenario is if the Love deal falls through, and Minnesota balks at the aforementioned offer to try and get more. Love ends up in Chicago or Golden State, and the Cavs are left with keeping Wiggins and Bennett to have them learn under one of the best players in NBA history. It’s a given Lebron isn’t going anywhere. He can’t. It would be 10 million times worse for his image than “The Decision” and we all know how that made him feel (hint: bad). So, Lebron re-ups after the 2015 season to get his big bucks and long term deal with the Cavs, and Wiggins has a some under his belt. Let’s say Wiggins turns out to be just who we think he is: an explosive player with a lot of talent and the ability to someday become the face of a franchise. Kyrie would be 5 years into the league — a veteran. Lebron is Lebron. Bennett/Tristan could come into form and become good young chips at the power forward position. That brings us to center, and the Cavs having the ability to offer a big name big money. 2015’s Free Agency class features Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler, Omer Asik, Amare Stoudemire, and LaMarcus Aldridge to name a few. All unrestricted pieces. I’d imagine they all won’t be around then, but it’d be in the Cavs best interest to look into these names. That 2015-16 season could be when the Cavs finally have a “dynasty quality” team. Think about it: Kyrie at point, Wiggins at the 2, Lebron, Bennett/Thompson, and any of the big man free agents I just mentioned.

Its a coin flip as to see which one would be a better lineup. Gun to my head, I’d take the second one because I know Lebron will be in his “prime” until his mid-30’s. The guy is a machine and one of the best to ever lace em’ up. It’ll be an interesting month to see what goes down, but I’d say it’s some pretty nice problems for Cleveland fans to have.

Lebron Sends Cupcakes To His Neighbors Because He’s The Man


(Source — BATH, Ohio (AP) — LeBron James has sent cupcakes to his neighbors to apologize for the ruckus caused by the announcement of his homecoming earlier this month. Cleveland Cavaliers fans and journalists arrived en masse to the NBA star’s Akron area home to await his July 11 decision on whether he would come back to northeast Ohio or stay with the Miami Heat. A commotion ensued, and police were called to direct traffic. To make amends, the LeBron James Family Foundation sent a note of apology accompanied by a dozen cupcakes to neighbors on Tuesday, according to multiple media outlets.)

Remember when we fucking hated this guy? I sure don’t. I bet his neighbors were (rightfully) pissed as shit when all those idiots went and lined up outside his house because they listened to the shirtless selfie idiot about when he was gonna make the announcement. If I lived on the street, I’d expect cupcakes from Lebron too. How many people even live in Bath that aren’t named Lebron? 20? Maybe? Leave your quaint little town to come home to news trucks and 100 dipshit “Cavs” fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of the man who was in Las Vegas/Brazil. Geniuses here in Cleveland. What better way for Lebron to pay homage to the real breakers of his decision: Caroline’s Cupcakes. Don’t act like we don’t see through the shit, Lebron. We know they were the real insiders.

PS: What are the chances Lebron actually knew about this? Guy is more the King of PR now than the King of anything else.