Cavs Media Day: Well, Look Who’s Back


Dude was all business, seemed pissed off that he was answering stupid questions rather than running ladders, and essentially let his kids make “The Decision Part 2” for him. He’s a completely different person than he was 4 years ago, you can tell. It’s gonna be a fun ride this year.


“The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour” Lambasted By Keith Olbermann


Fucking Keith Olbermann. I hate the guy with a burning passion but he kind of nails this:

Look, Jeter was a great player. He was that guy who stood tall during the steroid era and put up good numbers that will assuredly make him a first ballot hall-of-famer, blah blah blah. The way the Yankees organization, especially Manager Joe Girardi, has handled this year with him going out, though, has been absolutely egregious. Olbermann talks about his what will likely be one of his worst statistical years ever and how he is still batting second, solely because he’s Derek Jeter. This wouldn’t happen with other teams. Because he wears pinstripes, we’re all supposed to bow down to him and honor the greatness that is Jeter. The fact that every MLB team they’ve played this year gave him a “gift” is fucking stupid, and in no way, shape, or form a humble way to go out. The arrogance of the Yankees organization has shined so bright this year, given the pomp and circumstance behind saying goodbye to the dead horse that is Derek Jeter. It even seemed like he was dead during these last couple weeks. It’s a shame, because he was a great, but he wasn’t Babe Ruth. He wasn’t Joe DiMaggio, he wasn’t Mickey Mantle, he wasn’t Lou Gehrig. Great career, worst possible way to end it. Olbermann’s words aren’t as nice as mine.

Justice In The NFL, Summed Up In One Video


Might be stretching here, but imagine the trees as “the public/media,” Frylock as the voice of reason, Master Shake as (insert Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, etc.), and Carl as the rest of us, the fat guys being dragged through this shit for what has seemed like an eternity. Little sarcasa-relevant humor for your Thursday night…number one in the hood, G.

“Go back to your strip malls, where value is king”

It’s Crew Neck Season, Why Not Get A Blood-Spattered Kent State One From Urban Outfitters?

kent state sweater_675_1410775178962_8051483_ver1.0_640_480

Ooooh, so chic, so stylish, such a statement made by the designer. Shock and awe to bring the people to your website. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Such outrage caused by UO, how would they ever respond?

Untitled 8

At least they stepped up to the plate and showed some real remorse, right? Nope. Just summed it up at the end, “Yeahhhh we’re “sorry?” about that, we’ll take it down before we piss anyone else off.”

Welp, at least that mean sweatshirt is down, now we can all go back to supporting Urban Outfitters and their 10,000% marked-up prices. Just another day of justice, served up by the outraged folks of the internet. I’d be surprised if I ever saw UO make another offensive piece of clothing ever again.

Adrian Peterson Indicted On Child Abuse Charges, I Think The Whole USA Needs A Cocktail


(Source – Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has reportedly been indicted for child abuse. Peterson has been charged in suburban Houston with reckless or negligent injury to a child, according to local television station Fox 26.
The Pro Bowl tailback has retained attorney Rusty Hardin, who was made famous for representing seven-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roger Clemens in a perjury trial. Hardin declined comment when reached by the station. Details surrounding evidence that led to the indictment and Peterson’s whereabouts are not known at this time. Officials have declined to comment further on the case while they wait for Peterson to turn himself in. His playing status for this weekend is unclear. AOL News was unable to reach either Peterson or a Vikings team representative for further comment. The charges come one year after a child fathered by Peterson in North Dakota was beaten to death by the mother’s boyfriend. The boy was only two-years-old.)

Update: He beat his 4-year old with a TREE BRANCH? Fuck this guy. (source — pics in link)

Holy fuck, what a week. You know, it’s 2014 and we have telephones that send naked pictures of our bodies and send us food, yet we’re just now figuring out that domestic and child abuse, being racist = bad.

We all need a cocktail. Take the weekend, off America. Let’s come back next week with a fresh start and a new attitude because this week SUCKED.