Cavs Lose Game 1 Of 82 Game Season, Essentially Mathematically Eliminated From Playoffs And Lebron Is Probably Gonna Leave Next Week


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Glad everyone kept their composure and stayed calm. Party’s over, folks.

From a basketball standpoint, the offense was absolutely abysmal. 19 turnovers and 9-24 from 3 is not going to win games. Lebron definitely had the first game jitters being back home given the gravity of the coverage, the partying, the expectations, etc. Oh yeah, and his wife having his 3rd kid, and it being a girl. You wouldn’t be rattled? Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to win some fucking games. Tonight would be a good start against the Bulls that bent this Knicks team over their knee and beat the living piss out of them.

PS: Twitter was a riot last night. Love love love love Cleveland getting hated on so much like anything has ever gone right for this city and we’re just spoiled. Twitter certainly brings out the best “Cleveland is used to disappointment” “how bout them Cavs!” jokes from people who just got internet in their towns of <100 people. Nice lives idiots.


What To Do The Next Two Days While We Wait For The Cavs Season Opener


So the NFL week is done, and the NBA kicks off tonight. Let’s get real, though. The NBA really starts on Thursday in Downtown “Center of the Sports Universe” aka Cleveland, OH. So, what to do during that time? That’s 3 full work days (my head just started hurting writing that) and 2 full nights of sleep to get through before we are off to the races. Something’s gotta fill that time and make it go faster. I feel like Cartman waiting for the Wii.



So, here’s my definitive (not really) list of shit that you can do to pass the time as we wait for the Cavs to eviscerate the NBA.

1. Watch TV


Let’s face it, we’re the simplest generation of people on the planet. All we need is a 60 inch screen with a bunch of colors and sounds and that occupies us for hours. Sitting and staring has got to be the millenials’ best trait. BUT, AMC Fearfest is on, and Halloween 2, 3, and 4, are on from 7pm until 1am. Who doesn’t like Fearfest? Oh, yeah, there’s NBA games on too, but I think they’re preseason.

2. Drink


Yeah, it’s Tuesday. Yeah you have work tomorrow. Yeah Wednesday is the worst day ever. Boozing could be a nice option if you wanted to get to a happy hour, get shitfaced, and then you can be in bed by 8, wake up at normal time, and you’re fine for the next day. Sleep for 12 hours, have a little bit of a hangover, but thats 12 hour closer to Thursday.

3. Video Games


Might go buy the new NBA 2K just to pretend tonight’s Thursday.

4. Read a book, idiot



5. Exercise



6. Anything From THIS LIST

It’s like a time machine of internet greatness. Thread from 2004 internet labeled “Boredom at home – What do you do to occupy your time?” Hysterical.

There you have it. Take it or leave it, the next 48 hours will be as long as you want them to be. My guess is I’ll probably use a combo of the first 3 options like most nights.

Dallas/San Antonio at 8 will be a great game on TNT. Lakers/Rockets immediately after and…eh.

A Win Is A Win: Browns 23, Raiders 13

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

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A win is a win, right? Not to many Browns fans, who were calling for Hoyer’s head during most of the game yesterday, and still are this morning. No way in hell am I listening to any Cleveland sports radio today or tomorrow. “We should have won by more, we should have killed the Jags and Raiders but Hoyer is too boring, to simple to figure out!” Basic, basic, basic arguments. Fuck you, we won.

Let’s look at it this way: Hands down, the Steelers might be the hottest team in football the past few weeks since the Browns smoked them. Putting up big numbers (absolutely wrecking my fantasy match up this week..fucking Antonio Brown…) and blowing teams out like you read about. They lost, though, a mere 3 weeks ago, to a Browns team which is being ruled off as inept and offensively impotent by its own fans. By that logic, the Steelers must also suck because they lost to said Browns team, with Brian Hoyer at the helm. They obviously don’t, and I don’t think Hoyer sucks either. These players believe in him, and a QB change right now at an incredibly decisive time of year could be catastrophic.

The running game has been atrocious the past two weeks. The offensive line REALLY misses Alex Mack. Him being out for the season was a huge blow to a running game that was allowing Hoyer to flourish. How exactly would Johnny Manziel going into the game allow the run game to flourish? How could he get his o-line to block more? Because of the possibility that he may rattle off a big play? Hoyer had a pretty big play at a crucial time yesterday, too. Frankly, he took an otherwise absolutely dormant offense and got them to a win. That’s all you need to look at. Wins. And Brian has 7 of them. In 10 games.

Jesus Christ, people. Don’t tell me Hoyer hasn’t earned his stripes.

The Browns are 4-3 heading into a Week 9 matchup with a Tampa Bay Buccaneer team coming off a tough loss. The’ll be hot, they’ll be desperate for a win, and the Browns just simply need to take care of business and not look ahead to that Week 10 matchup with Cincinnati. You have to think they will make necessary adjustments to get a win next week, then we will see if this team is for real — how they respond to the spotlight of a Thursday night game (oof) and then have a long week off to prepare for Houston. Get through Week 11 and guess what? The Browns will have a new receiver to throw to the following week. Flash Gordon back just in time for a potential playoff push.

Don’t give up on this team yet, folks. We’re just where we need to be, and are doing much better than anyone expected us to. No matter who is at Quarterback, we need to support this team because any way you look at it, this depleted team is actually some of the best football we’ve seen in years.

Maybe feeling as though we should have done better is a good thing.

Maybe this city is just getting used to winning.

One Week To Go: Kevin Love’s Account of The Cavs Trip To Brazil Will Give You Goosebumps



(Link to Kevin’s post)

Wow. I don’t really care if you think that’s ghost-written or not. That’s something that came from him and he means everything that’s written. Clearly, the “Lebron Effect” has hit home for Kevin, and he’s done some growing up too. This team means much more to these guys than the Championships that hopefully will come, this team will define their legacies as NBA players. Buckle up, Cleveland. One week away.

Jim Skerl: Cleveland’s “Man For Others”



“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

In recent months, the city of Cleveland has been reignited with Lebron coming home, Kevin Love joining him, Johnny Football, Hoyer the Destroyer among other events that have put our city in the spotlight. We are all excited for the future as things are surely looking bright for our “mistake on the lake.”

Sometimes, though, we come across people who make humungous impacts on others that aren’t recognized in mass media like our sports teams have been these past few months. This could be anyone, from someone that pays for your cup of coffee in the morning “just because,” or someone that holds a door open for you. These random acts of kindness make an impact on certain people and leave lasting impressions that last a lifetime. Jim Skerl was one of those people for many, myself included.


Mustache game on a hundred million trillion

Jim Skerl was a teacher at St. Ignatius who thousands of students, including myself, had in classes such as “Christian Manhood” and “Death and Resurrection.” His classes were something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. We learned about how to be men, how to live life for others, and to be good people, not just good Christians. Not one day went by without Mr. Skerl touching our lives in one way or another. That’s how he was with everyone, though. He wanted to show us that although life can sometimes be tough, it’s all about the relationships we make with others and how we need to do our part to make this little blue dot go ’round.

Through the countless ministries he was a part of at Ignatius like Labre, Pall Bearers Society, L’Arche among many, many others, he was hands-on in making the Ohio City area as well as the entire city of Cleveland a better place for not only those less fortunate than us, but for everyone. People like him don’t come by often, and he will most assuredly never be forgotten by those in the Ignatius, Gesu, and John Carroll communities and beyond.


Now that’s a squad (Jim, far right)

Jim was a driving force in the Cleveland community and his legacy will carry on for years to come even though his battle with cancer has come to an end. I can tell you one thing, though. Through his cancer and up until the very end, he still radiated love for his family, students, and community. I could not imagine someone being at such peace as he is right now.

Heaven gained a superstar today. Nothing in life is given, and everything is earned. He accepted life’s challenges and conquered them. Now, he’s coming home.

Jim Skerl,”Cleveland’s Man for Others.” Rest in peace, and thank you for everything. AMDG BVMH


“The point of this life isn’t just to get to heaven, but to see who else we can bring with us.” -Jim

Lord, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve. To give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for any reward. Except that of knowing that I am doing your will. 




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