I Was Wrong




I’ve been away from this for a while now. Mostly because this is a hobby and I have arguably the worst case of attention deficit disorder on the planet, but also because I found a lot more pleasure out of being a fan rather than some glorified internet commenter with a clearinghouse for hot takes. I’ll be the first to admit that 99% of what I had to say in previous posts on this site was bullshit/sarcasm and that kind of runs stale.

In the time I haven’t posted on this site, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert turned into irreplaceable pieces to this Cavaliers playoff run. I was (very) wrong about them. 

Remember Game 1 of the regular season? Guess we all got that one wrong too. 

Matthew Dellavedova? Who? That guy who was backing up Jarrett Jack, and Seth Curry was signed last year in order to add depth because of his play? Whoops. Look at him now.

Tristan Thompson is playing like a max-contract player. What?!

Timofey Mozgov, arguably one of the most important pieces of the puzzle — the rim protector we needed. Timofey Mozgov. This guy?

Blake-Griffin-dunks-on-Timofey-MozgovThis band of misfits who have become Eastern Conference Champions are the same team that, in January, were 19-20 on the verge of a city-wide panic attack and just about half the league had a better record than the Lebron-Kyrie-KLove ran Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then Griff and the front office made the move to get Iman and JR. Then Timo came. All of a sudden, this motley crew of misfits was starting to form. By March 16, that sub-.500 Cavs team was 43-25. 24-5 in their previous 29 games. That’s the team Lebron said would take time to form, and all we had to do was trust him and our coaching staff to put it together. They did.

The Eastern Conference playoffs came and went, and unfortunately so did Kevin Love. That did nothing to stop this team. Not to say Kevin being out is a substantial injury, but let’s face it: these EC playoff series may have been the weakest ever, and they may have swept through the first 12 games of the playoffs had Kevin been around. The Bulls series was far and beyond the Eastern Conference finals and this series against the Hawks was merely a warm-up for the finals. We knew this going in. Didn’t stop or let up, which makes me think this team stands a chance against a western conference foe. We may find out tonight who that will be, but whoever it is, this team will be ready.

So I’m done making predictions about how roster moves or defensive formations or substitutions will work out. It’s all part of the plan. We just need to sit back and enjoy the ride, because worrying about what might happen takes away from the excitement of what’s going to happen. This is peak Cleveland. The national media and twitter hardos can say whatever the hell they want about this great city and potentially historic basketball team. Doesn’t change a single thing that Cleveland fans deserve this and our wait just might be over pretty soon.